I will crochet stuffed animals by hand

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crochet stuffed animals by hand
crochet stuffed animals by hand
crochet stuffed animals by hand

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Description Small Stuffed Animal Medium Stuffed Animal Other project(basic)
  Small Stuffed Animal from patterns or ideas. Medium Sized Stuffed Animal from patterns or ideas Other items of crochet such as scarves, hats, ponchos, arm/leg warmers, baby blankets, etc
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About This Gig

I love to crochet, but it takes time and materials. Smaller projects take the least time to make, so they would be the quickest to ship and the most affordable option for last-minute presents, cute gifts, and fun friends for the kids.

Parental Warning: All of the "small projects" are hand-sized for adults but may not be quite safe for children under 3 years of age due to possible loose strands, fiber fill exposure, or chewable parts. Parental discretion is advised when purchases are made for young children.

So far our latest toys have been sturdy enough for puppies, holding up quite well to tugging, chewing and pulling. However after three months with a puppy tucked in strands and any of the toy's hair have been pulled out or loosened. So Parental Discretion is still advised!

We can officially include Sweaters into our list as well! So far only in three sizes, small-medium, medium-large, and large-extra large. Only two styles currently available, v-neck with/out sleeves or mock-turtle neck with cut-out shoulders and sleeves. Mixing the two is possible but can cause complications in the style's design.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Just How Small?
    Teddy Bears can vary between 6 to 8 inches depending on stitching and stuffing, each one is made by hand. Turtles are roughly 5-6 inches in length and height. Shell size is slightly inconsistent. Squids are each roughly 2 inches in diameter and 1-2 inches tall. Custom orders vary in size.
  • How Many Squids?
    Since the squids are so small they are sold in packages of three identical squids as one order.
  • When do projects become "Medium Size"?
    Medium projects are toys that are more than 12 inches in size, or more complex/involved patterns. If you wanted a 6 inch teddy bear with rice in the bottom so he sat on a shelf, that's a small project. However, a 10-inch pokemon with embroidered eyes would count as a medium project due to detail.