I will edit up to 1250 words of non native English for $5

edit up to 1250 words of non native English
Before sending my file to Kattie I sent it to a very highly ranked seller who unfortunately did a poor proofreading. Then I get in contact with Katie who did an outstanding work in a really professional way. I will definitely be using her services again. Thanks so much.
Reviewed by rodrigocolpo almost 2 years ago
Outstanding as usual. Thanks.
Reviewed by kareem_gouda almost 2 years ago
edit up to 1250 words of non native English

About This Gig

NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS: Please order my other gig. If English isn't your first language (even if you speak it fluently now) you're in the right place. :)

Hi everyone! With my increasingly busy schedule and the popularity of my original proofreading gig, I've decided to make another one specifically for ESL writers. I'm hoping this distinction will allow me to give your writing the time and attention it truly deserves.

Just like in my regular proofreading gig, I will fix your typos, point out distracting gaps in logic, and spot any mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, repetition, and flow. As an ESL writer, you will benefit from in-depth feedback on the specific areas you might need practice in.

Be aware, this gig is a little different and works in levels:
  1. Base - 250 words max. For low-level English speakers.
  2. Middle - 750 words max.
  3. Top - 1250 words max. If you're non-native but fluent, this is your level.

IMPORTANT: Please send me the file that needs editing before you order. This is so I can determine your level and price your order accordingly. (If your file is under 250 words, you can skip this step.)
You risk losing your processing fee if you ignore this step.