I will record an american male voice over narration

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record an american male voice over narration
record an american male voice over narration
record an american male voice over narration
record an american male voice over narration

About This Gig

I am a Professional voice over actor and I would love to give your project the ROYAL TREATMENT. I will record whatever you need me to, up to 125 words, for $10!  

Each voice over is mastered to professional radio quality FREE!   

You can listen to my demos below:

Commercial Demo: https://soundcloud.com/royal-joiner/commercial-demo-1

Narration Demo: https://soundcloud.com/royal-joiner/narration-demo-1-2016-01

Podcast Intro/Outros

Kickstarter Narration

Whiteboard Narration

DJ Drops

Explainer Videos

YouTube Videos 

Phone greetings

On hold Message

Radio Commercials

E-Learning Programs

Business Training Tutorials

Audio Book Narration

Websites welcome pages

Power Point Presentations

If you have a longer script, pricing is as follows:
126 -250 words = 2 gigs
251-375 words = 3 gigs
376 - 500 words = 4 gigs
501-625 words = 5 gigs

I will not do fake testimonials, sexual content or multiple voices.

If you are ordering a list of words please order one gig for every 20 words, as recording lists takes twice as long to complete. Thank you for your understanding!

Order Details

2 days delivery
Number of words
Please enter the full word count of your script. Your price and delivery options will be calculated based on the script’s length.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a limitation to the amount of audio files that can be separated?
    Yes. Up to 5 audio files can be separated per gig. You must provide the information for each separation point in your script.
  • Will you proofread the script to ensure to sounds American?
    Yes. I am an American Voice Actor and Writer. I will ensure your script has the proper english phrases and grammatical corrections to get your message across.
  • Will you read a sample of my script so that I can hear what it sounds like?
    You can copy this link to hear my voice demo. Otherwise, you must purchase a gig in order to hear your script in my voice. Commercial Demo: https://soundcloud.com/royal-joiner/commercial-demo-1