I will check your work for grammar and spelling

check your work for grammar and spelling

About This Gig

As an English language teacher, I am the perfect person to help you with your grammar and spelling. I have over twenty years experience of not only teaching, but also writing articles and fiction, many of which have been published in print or online. In addition, I am a five-star writer for both Textbroker and Great Content, the latter company having also awarded me the status of Certified Writer.

So here’s the deal. I will check up to 350 words of your work for $5. If you require more, you have to make a separate order for each 350 word section.

Please be aware that I check British English only.

Minor revisions will be made where necessary to maintain or improve the flow of the text, but I do not do major rewrites.


Not sure if this is a good deal? Then consider this:


It’s said that if you give a million monkeys a million typewriters, they’ll eventually type the entire works of William Shakespeare . . . and that’s exactly what you get if you pay peanuts – monkeys.