I will give you a Mind Massage

give you a Mind Massage

About This Gig

What is a Mind Massage?
Quite simply, it’s just like a massage for your body, only this one’s for your mind. 

When your body’s feeling tense, cramped and bunched up, you go along to a massage therapist and they use the magic of their hands to unknot those muscles and straighten you out, leaving you feeling physically on top of the world. 

So, what do you do when you feel mentally stressed, generally whacked out, can’t be bothered, and lacking in motivation and energy? 

If you said, 'have a drink or some other stimulant', that was the wrong answer. So was, 'watch the telly'. 

The correct answer was: Have a Mind Massage

What happens during a Mind Massage?
When you come to me for a Mind Massage, I take you into hypnosis at a level where you feel you don’t have a care in the world, and then I do the mental equivalent of what the massage therapist does, but with one important exception – I make no physical contact with you – yet I sort out all those niggling worries, gremlins, knots and lumps in your mind before sending you on your way feeling absolutely fantastic and as mentally refreshed as you could ever hope to be.

A Mind Massage costs $30.