I will help you lose weight

help you lose weight

About This Gig

The prospect of going on a diet to lose weight can be a bit daunting. 

Notice how I use the word CAN. 

The prospect of going on a diet to lose weight can be fun. 

Notice how I've used the word CAN again. 

I've used the word CAN because both the above statements are true. Which one applies to you depends on your frame of mind and how you approach your new challenge. 

A challenge is there to be won. It's a competition or a contest against another party. In this case the other party is you. Or to be more specific - your mind. 

You have to win against your mind. 

Fortunately for you, that's where hypnotherapy can help. It works on your subconscious, challenging it, and helping you to change your eating habits and your approach to food and drink, so that not only do you lose weight, but once lost, that weight remains lost, as you will have educated yourself into a much better, more enjoyable, more nutritionally satisfying diet than you had before. 

For $5, I explain more about this, talk to you about your specific problem and let you experience the wonderful feeling of hypnosis.  Then book the Extra of therapy.

Sessions are via Skype.