I will teach you self hypnosis on Skype

teach you self hypnosis on Skype
teach you self hypnosis on Skype

About This Gig

Being in a state of hypnosis is one of the most wonderful feelings you'll ever experience.

Not only do you get taken to a still, calm, quiet place whenever you want, but you also emerge from the experience feeling tranquil and relaxed.

You can also use the hypnotic state to help you make positive changes to your life.

It's easy to learn, and once learned, you just need to practice as you would with any other newly acquired skill. 


I will explain and show you many things, such as:

The misbeliefs and myths surrounding hypnosis.

Depths of hypnosis.

How you feel in hypnosis.

How to prepare yourself for self-hypnosis, with guided practice.

The art of visualisation, with guided practice.

Simple methods of achieving a state of hypnosis, with guided practice.

How to form goals that work for you when you use hypnosis.

How to raise your confidence and lower your stress levels, with guided practice.

The complete lesson is 120 minutes, and you can order it in 10 minute gigs at just $5 per gig. That is 12 gigs for the complete course. Order them individually, day by day or week by week, or two at a time. You choose your own schedule.