I will promote your content to 1,050,000 social followers

Got a bunch of notes, very quickly, it was awesome!! Thank you.
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promote your content to 1,050,000 social followers

About This Gig

*followers count updated on 22 Jan: 1,050,000 followers*

Hi! Make sure to **read everything** before you buy.

Important Note #1
I am VERY selective with the posts. Before ordering, please message me your post and buy the gig only if I confirm that I can reblog it. You must have a post that I can reblog, I will not create it for you.

Note #2
I want my blogs to stay clean, period. Post will stay on my pages for minimum 4 hours and maximum 24 hours and then will be deleted. Most attention and notes come within the first hour anyways. I will decide the duration time. If your post wont have an external link, I will keep it longer. Each ad costs me followers so I`ll not keep the ads on my pages forever. I hope you can understand this and if you cant, then sorry but we cant work together. 
(If your post is on topic and has no outgoing links, I`ll not delete it.)

I will promote your content between 15:00 - 23:30 (PST)

Pages are about makeup, hairstyles and animals.

Satisfaction guaranteed. 

I will NOT reblog:
  • NSFW, erotic, sexual, abusive, cruelty.
  • Products, pills, earn money posts, no amazon links.
  • Misleading posts, clickbait titles/sites. NO affiliate links.

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I will reblog your post to 1,050,000 followers.

3 days delivery