I will canadian koopa cousinz flag message in stage 1 x

canadian koopa cousinz flag message in stage 1 x

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Thats Right Sheldon the Turtle ( my 22 two year old reptile thesbian) Is making his services available for the first time ever! AS a Koopa Cousin Travelling Billboard! U have to Love it, Sheeva our Dog and Sheldon Get along great by the way. Now Remeber Sheldon is offering to carry Your message on his Koopa Cousin Shell Written Word as in pen to paper I will Also Include music and Sound Effects!!! (restrictions apply to extended requests or music/sound requests) Sheldon's a Friendly Turtle who can Also Have your message/logo Printed from his Koopa-Printer and a Color Sign with your logo a message on his Koopa Shell as you see in the example video. Sheldon Is asking you to select the upgrade below to Fade in your personnal Greeting at the end and please choose this option if Want your Macro Sign Message for his Turtle Shell Sign. Because you get both Do not choose this option if you simply want your personnal message written on mini Poster.

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