I will transmute your outlines into good Novels

transmute your outlines into good Novels

About This Gig

Hello there, I Offer professional services through my writing. If you looking for page turning novel manuscripts with good narrative techniques, flawful and specific characters, embellished with graceful language, you have found the right person. What I do is that before you buy my Gig, I would write you a specimen of 1000 words of whatever genre you want. I would give you the grace to decide whether you should continue or not. I love writing, so I am sure you would come for more. For short erotica, I would give 500 words specimen. I have experience working for other fiverr agents so you don't need to be scared. I grant full rights for any story I write, and I am ready to review it as many times as possible to your satisfaction. It would be a pleasure working with you.

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1 day delivery

Basic package

I Offer professional services. My basic package is the best. I would write your page turning novels

  • Up to 1000 Words
  • Topic Research
  • Commercial Use