I will anchor your Soul fully into your body

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anchor your Soul fully into your body

About This Gig

Do you feel ungrounded, not fully present in your body? Dissociated? Spaced out?

Soul is that part of you that is capable of reflecting divine energies or spirit. Anchoring the soul in the body helps you direct your energies in the physical world and make your dreams into REALITY!

When you will walk into a room, your PRESENCE radiates, and that is POWERFUL, TRULY MAGNETIC! 

The basic Gig: I will fully anchor your Soul within your body. There are numerous benefits to this, most important one being feeling fully solid in the body you can live in the physical fully. This will enhance the body's functioning, healing, and also enhance psychic abilities. $5

Gig Extra: I will create a grounding cord and column which you will be able to activate anytime you like to fully ground your energies to the earth. This ensures a constant clearing of negative energies. $20