I will clear a beauty curse for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
clear a beauty curse
clear a beauty curse
clear a beauty curse
clear a beauty curse

About This Gig

It’s amazing how much negativity a woman can receive just for looking good, it can feel like a curse. 

Are you suffering from a beauty curse? 

Some common signs are: 

1. You suddenly no longer look beautiful, there is a sudden dramatic drop in your looks or overnight aging. 

2. You do not feel like taking physical care, dressing up, wearing make up, exercising. 

3. You unconsciously sabotage yourself from looking good and feeling confident. You suddenly lost all confidence for no logical reason.

It operates subconsciously, listen to your heart and ask your angels. 

EXTRA: Clean up your reputation and past story energetically. 

People judge you within the first few seconds. Your aura carries projections and pictures of others thoughts and energies. So does your website/ house / relationship etc. 

Give a good first impression. Clear the energy and consciousness regularly!

Become more comfortable with certain people or people in general. Release your own judgments and those of others. Less triggers and buttons get pushed. Misunderstand others less and be misunderstood less by others.

Highly recommended before going on a date, an interview or just giving yourself a new start!