I will help You Discover Your Divine Gifts for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
help You Discover Your Divine Gifts
help You Discover Your Divine Gifts

About This Gig

Namaste :-)

I can help you discover your individual divine gifts and qualities at the soul level. Tapping into these gifts will align you with material and spiritual abundance naturally!

The response will be SPECIFIC to YOU and not a common reply to all who buy this gig.

* For an extra 10$ I WILL ALSO TELL YOU how much of your gifts you are currently tapping into and what you can do to tap more into them. This includes an amplifying of your gifts and blessings. 

I am able to access the Akashic Records, which contains all the information about your soul and the choices it has made over lifetimes. 

Each Soul has certain qualities in abundance and when you express the qualities you are abundant in you are able to attract abundance. 
Often gifts get suppressed as they might not be encouraged by our parents/ society, so it might feel like that is not your gift at all!

Connecting with your gift again will propel you on the path to abundance with ease.

Many blessings