I will unlock your Psychic Abilities for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
unlock your Psychic Abilities
unlock your Psychic Abilities

About This Gig

Unlock your Psychic Abilities!! We are ALL psychic to some degree and can develop more! 

Basic Gig:
Activate your Intuition: It can come as having a “gut feeling” about something, an event of situation or knowing somebody will call you right before they do.

This will activate and boost your psychic abilities overall.

Gig extras: I will work on activating specific centres and chakras!

1. Clairvoyance:
 Your ability to SEE energies or flashes of images or even like a movie, remote viewing. 

2. Claircognizance
Claircognizance is “clear knowing.”  Someone with claircognizance will simply know, without a logical explanation.

3. Clairaudience: Clairaudience is “clear hearing.”  People with clairaudience receive information by hearing it in their head.  

4. Clairsentience: Clairsentience is “clear feeling.” Those with clairsentience are empathic  or intuitive empaths, allows you to relate to having a strong empathic connection to others.

5. Telepathy :  Telepathy is the ability to psychically communicate with people. 

6. Energetically Create a Golden Egg Shield*** for you to remain in Integrity
 and Keep your Boundaries Clear.    
Highly recommended for Sensitive People.