I will activate your Twin Flame Reunion for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
activate your Twin Flame Reunion
activate your Twin Flame Reunion
activate your Twin Flame Reunion
activate your Twin Flame Reunion

About This Gig

Twin Flame is the love from merging with inner man/ woman you carry within you which is the purest and highest vibration of divine love. It is possible to manifest this in physical body. 

A physical twin flame union is when two individuals who have attuned to their highest potential of divine love unite to form a loving romantic partnership that is compatible at all levels. 

In the basic Gig, I will tune in, clear any blocks, heart walls, and re-activate your heart centre to true divine love. It is most likely that I will have to rebuild your heart centre as well if your heart has been broken before.

Gig Extra: I will tune your energies to that of your Twin Flame vibration so that your heart void is filled up. As you feel overflowing love, the manifesting in the physical is magnified. $20

Gig Extra: I will perform a powerful clearing to remove negative energies, blocks, obstacles, restrictions blocking your physical twin flame union. $20

Gig Extra: I will do provide you a full Love Blueprint report for your path to union with your Twin Flame $20

PS: Each soul is whole, complete, and was never cut into two halves. Such concepts are based in 'separation' and create further pain and loss.