I will seo eBay Title to rank 1st page of eBay Search

seo eBay Title to rank 1st page of eBay Search

About This Gig

I Will write an eBay Title for you which will Rank 1st Page of eBay

Did you know 90% of what determines what sells is what shows up on 1st page of Searches?

Of 20 products on 1st page of searches I typically have 16 or more of my products showing up

I typically sell 90% or more of all sales in my entire category based on showing up on top of search results

I will pull analytic reports and determine the keywords buyers of your niche or product are searching for and use those to craft a listing title which will rise to the first page of eBay searches.

*** BONUS ***

I will also tell you  the best day of the week and time of day to end your listings ie when most buyers buy your products. I will tell you the best keywords to use in your description, the best category to list in, and I will also show you the top 20 sellers of your product and in your category ie your competition.

DISCLAIMER: Though title plays a large role in what shows up on first page of searches other factors play a role such as whether you offer free shipping and returns, your feedback score, etc. If your starting a new account with 0 feedback or an account with negative feedback it will take longer to rank.