I will write Welcome Page for Wedding Website

write Welcome Page for Wedding Website

About This Gig

Wedding websites are very popular these days! Couples love to create a wedding site sharing their love story, how it culminated into a beautiful wedding; along with all the details about the wedding ceremonies. The wedding site is indeed a trendy and a beautiful way to involve your guests in the wedding events, inviting them to join the website, making the wedding more celebrative.  

Your guests indeed appreciate knowing what to expect on your special day, and through your wedding site you have a great opportunity to share about the wedding events, wedding preparations, videos and photos all in one place.

So if you are looking to make the perfect wedding website hassle free, give me a chance to write for you. I will write a warm and personalised welcome page message/ home page for your wedding website which will surly entice your guests to be a part of your wedding celebrations!  

Also check the gig extras, if you want writing content for other pages on your site.