I will write 10 comments on your blog or site

write 10 comments on your blog or site

About This Gig

Hello, I will write 10 reasonable length comments on your blog or website. I can scatter these out among several  of your blog posts, or do them all on one post, which ever you prefer. I can do them within 24 hours for an additional $5. Otherwise, the duration is listed as 5 days. I

If you have a specific slant you would like me to place on the posts please indicate so, if not I will write an honest and thoughtful response of at least a few sentences, up to several paragraphs. We all know how important Google rankings and related SEO optimization are, and comments are a huge part of this. 

I can do them all in one day, or scatter them out for up to 5 days (2 comments a day)

I do these myself, and manually. I  DO NOT  use a bot, or automated responses. I will not post the same response for any other customer or gig. These will be unique, so as not to have the gods of Google punish you in page ranks. 

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5 days delivery