I will professionally translate Spanish to English

professionally translate Spanish to English

About This Gig

If you are looking for a professional translator then I am the right person for the job.

I will translate 500 words for $25 in the following languages:
Spanish to English
English to Spanish
Spanish to French
French to English
French to Spanish
Dutch to English
Portuguese to Spanish
Portuguese to English
Danish to English

I am a professional translator with 6 years experience in Ecuador and South Africa. I have worked for two government organizations and three translation companies. I am a full time translator. I am fast, efficient and reliable. my translations are of a very high standard and I do all my work by hand, no translation programs and no Google Translate.
Please send documents in word format. Documents in .jpg or .pdf pictures of photocopies and other image formats will cost an extra $10 per 500 words as they take a lot longer to format and translate.

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