I will look for a Japanese good or service

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jaycode13 11 months ago
Great!, thanks as always for your help!
Reviewed by est_25 over 1 year ago
Excellent as always, I will continue purchasing these gigs every time I need anything related to Japan for sure. Thanks a lot for your help!
Reviewed by est_25 over 2 years ago
Great job! Thank you
Reviewed by masaji over 2 years ago
Great work, as always. I will definitely order thus very Gig again in the future. Having someone providing local insight in, for instance in my case, how my app is doing in a country as important as Japan is simply great. Greetings from Spain!
Reviewed by est_25 almost 3 years ago
look for a Japanese good or service

About This Gig

- I will NOT do the followings on your behalf.
 ✳︎ E.g. 
     ⚫︎Anything related to patent
     ⚫︎Making a reservation on your behalf at a restaurant in Japan  
     ⚫︎Sending an email (written in Japanese) to a Japanese company 
     ⚫︎Purchasing a Japanese good/service

I will look for a Japanese good/service for a person living outside Japan!

E.g. You are looking for:
1. Suzuki Method Japanese violin teacher who can teach violin in overseas
 ❋I will try to find a way for you to contact such teacher
 ❋Email address for contacting a music school that hires such teacher
 ❋Website where you can find more information about the music school
2. Around 100 Japanese respondents for your questionnaire survey
 ❋I will provide the names and URLs of Japanese companies to which you can outsource the process
3. Extras for shooting (e.g. films, dramas, PVs)
4. Testers for your products (e.g. cosmetics, clothes)

If you are interested, please contact me first.
I would like to know what Japanese good/service you are looking for, whether I can help you find it, and give you a quote.
Then, I will ask you to purchase relevant amount of Gig and Gig Extra.

Thank you!