I will purchase a ticket in Japan and send it to you

purchase a ticket in Japan and send it to you

About This Gig

You may satisfy one or more of the following conditions:
- Living outside Japan
- Cannot find a friend (in Japan) who can help you purchase a ticket sold in Japan
- Expat:
    ❋Without much experience of living in Japan
    ❋Having some difficulties with purchasing a ticket you need/want

This service is for a person who wishes to do one or more of the followings: 
-    Purchase a ticket that seems to be sold only to a person who is residing in Japan
    ❋Ticket is sold on-line or physically at a store.
    ❋You have the address of the store.
-    Looking for a person who can help you buy it
-    Willing to bear all costs plus give the person a good commission over it for the help
-    Make one-time purchase
    ❋i.e. You will NOT buy a ticket that requires daily/weekly/monthly/yearly payment.

The followings are the examples of the sort of help I can offer you:
-    Find a ticket you wish to purchase.
-    Purchase it on your behalf.
-    Send it to your address.

Please consult me before making a purchase.
I would like to know your requirements and offer you a quote.

Thank you.