I will write you a scary horror story

write you a scary horror story

About This Gig

Do you like to be frightened? Do you enjoy the thrill of fear you get when reading dark tales of murder or monsters from the safety of your own couch?

Except maybe you're not as safe as you think. Can't you feel that prickle on your bare neck, that sense of eyes watching you? No, don't turn around just now.

No one who's ordered MY gig has been found in a field three days later, their bodies mutilated by strange claw marks and their eyes scratched out, is all I'm saying.

I can work with your characters and outline, or I can work with your theme or idea and make all the rest up - it's up to you!

$ 5 for each 400 words

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for stories longer than 1600 words

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A 400 word horror story

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This Package includes 400 words. For each additional 400 words, the price is $5.