I will mix or master your song and make it sound professional

mix or master your song and make it sound professional
mix or master your song and make it sound professional

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Description Basic mix or master Full mix + effects Mix + effects + edits + mastering
  Basic mix or master of one entire song + basic EQing and compression-unlimited tracks. Mixing + effects such as reverb, delay, de-essing, creative EQs, etc, up to 20 tracks Mixing + effects + audio editing + automation of effects + mastering for web/radio-unlimited tracks.
HQ Audio File
Master-quality uncompressed audio file, such as WAV or AIFF.
The seller will apply effects and level changes to each individual instrument track (requires you to submit individual audio tracks for each instrument).
Seller will apply overall post-production polish to the newly-mixed track (or a pre-mixed track submitted by you).
Songs Included
The max number of songs/album tracks that the seller will mix/master (you may be able to buy additional tracks in Extras).
1 1 1
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
2 2 2
Delivery time 1 day
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About This Gig

Hey fellow Fiverrs!

Please check out some of my work in these videos:


I'm a mixing engineer & producer with over 15 years of experience mixing audio and I come from a musician's background (over 25 years trumpet, BA in Music from Columbia University).

For just $5.00 I'll perform a basic mix on one entire song  -- no track limits.  This would just include EQing and compression and would not include FX or automation.  It'd be enough to give a nice clean sound to your mix.  I will deliver this in 24 hours or less.  Please see the upper tier packages for further fine-tuning of your track.

Alternatively, for just $5.00 I'll master your already mixed track to make it radio/soundcloud/bandcamp, etc. ready.

What I'd need from you:

  • At least 16-bit (ideally 24-bit) Wave or AIFF files.  MP3s aren't ideal, but I'll take them also (these should be at 320kbps).
  • If submitting for a mix, please submit separate stems for each track
  • If submitting for mastering, please submit your bounced stereo mix (ideally a minimum of 24-bit)
  • Please make sure all tracks have some headroom and are not clipping (ideally tracks should max out around -6dB)