I will promote your Kindle eBook

promote your Kindle eBook

About This Gig

Submission Sites (100 or more) include mix of - Facebook groups or pages, Review blogs and Promo deal sites. 

Note:  I can't give guarantee of the downloads or acceptance on these site.

Submission doesn't give you instant result being featured. 

For best results, please choose your date at least 4 or more days earlier from the order date. 

It doesn't have to be Free or included in KDP Select to use this gig.  
However if the price is set to either Free, 99 cents, 1.99 or 2.99 gets better results from such sites.

Please mention the date and time for making your promotion. 

CONTACT me if you're unsure of anything related to this gig.  

Order Details

4 days delivery

Promote Your Kindle Ebook

Submission to Promotional Sites. (100 or more depending on book genre)