I will do ms excel and spss for data analysis charts and graphs

do ms excel and spss for data analysis charts and graphs

About This Gig

I've been working with Excel and SPSS for more than 7 years.Unless you have a really simple request PLEASE Contact Me with the details BEFORE ORDERING this gig in order to avoid misunderstandings so I can give you a fair quote. I reserve the right to CANCEL all orders that don't follow this easy rule /unless you are a regular buyer and ordering the same process as before or have a simple task for $5/.  Thanks so much for your understanding!

Get your stuff done in Excel or SPSS IN A COUPLE OF HOURS INSTEAD OF DAYS check out my extra gigs, including:

- Formula (even creating custom ones), function

- Pulling specific web content (not mass scrape – ask!)

- Reorganizing data from the web to csv format

- Button, drop-down, form

- Export /import CSV

- Convert any file to Excel (PDF, Word, scanned, etc.)

- Word mail merge (label, etc.)

- Invoice and company quote template

- Dashboard

- Dedupe : removing duplicates from data

- Chart and graph
I will add professionalism to your work through the power of statistical presentation and reports.

Send me your data in SPSS, EXCEL or any raw form and I will do the statistical analysis for you. You will get results along with explanatory interpretation