I will develop mobile app for you Android and iOS

develop mobile app for you Android and iOS

About This Gig

We have developed and are developing some real stunning Mobile Apps for any platform

This is a gig for Improving your Company, Business, Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter and more. This way you will always be on the palm of your audience and clients via their smartphone and hand held tablet and other devices. 

I believe that all businesses will be soon needing to have a Mobile APP.for their brand awareness it would be mandatory.
And what SA APPS can do for you is:
We will take your business a step forward! 
We develop an application

  • That is compatible for iPhone, Android and more.platforms sooner

  • Optional pages: Website updates, Blog updates, Splash, Menus, UI and UX
  • 4 App pages per Gig 
  • Your app can be build and published for 5 App Devices and Markets: iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Kindle Fire.
  • Order the extra gig if needed specific services mentioned in them

Order Details

20 days delivery

App Design and Development

I will design and develop complete mobile application from scratch or with your provided idea

  • Splash Screen
  • Include Source Code
  • App Icon
  • Ad Network Integration