I will draw you a custom Greeting card

This is a beautiful card for a friend who just became a US Citizen! Sabrinadote created exactly what we wanted!
Reviewed by juannga 10 months ago
Awesome job, went above and beyond!
Reviewed by icangetyoulaid 10 months ago
draw you a custom Greeting card
draw you a custom Greeting card

About This Gig

I can whip up a custom, hand drawn card for any occasion in no time at all! Birthdays, post cards, weddings, babies being born n' stuff... anything!

I specialize in hand drawn black and white pen and ink illustrations, but I can also add color with marker or watercolors, or I can do digital colorized drawings printed out for an added fee. Let me know if you want anything in particular on it (any imagery, your friend as a cartoon character, personalized messages, etc.) and I will have it completed typically in an hour or less.

You can choose to have me send the original card either to you to sign it, or directly to the card's intended recipient to save time! (while I can draw the card very quickly, mailing it off may take a few days, so plan accordingly!)

Order Details

7 days delivery

Basic Card

A black and white card depicting a simple image and message of your choosing.

  • Full Body
  • 1 Figure