I will do an Astrology relationship reading

do an Astrology relationship reading

About This Gig

Do you think they're the one? Or are you worried you need to know more?

  • Does he love me?
  • Why does she act that way?
  • Is he faithful?
  • How can I be the best for her?
  • Are they the one?

All these questions run through your mind, day and night. At best, you keep them to yourself and live with anxiety and worry. At worst, your suspicions break the ties of love & trust, and you'll never get to experience what if!

Don't wait any longer, find out now if they are the one.

We all deserve a loving relationship. There's always a good reason to learn more about ourselves and our love.

The base Relationship Reading gig includes:
  • A yes/no answer to one of the questions:
  • "Will _____ and I have a relationship?"
  • "Where is the relationship with _____ going?"
  • "Will _____ and I get married?"
  • "Is _____ cheating on me?"

The $10 gig extra includes:
  • More detail, such as why it will or won't it work.

The $20 gig extra includes a full compatibility reading, which includes:
  • Summary of your strengths in love, and your partner's
  • Any potential problems in the relationship
  • Long-term or Marriage potential

Don't wait until it's too late, discover what your love truly means.

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