I will hypnotize you very deeply

hypnotize you very deeply

About This Gig

I am a skilled hypnotist with a deep, relaxing male voice. I am unlike most hypnosis practitioners in that I have a calming, soothing deep voice and flow with my words that can put even the most nervous of minds at ease.

You must choose Gig Extra #1 in order to receive this gig.

Gig Extra #1: 30 Minute Hypnosis Session
I will provide a 30 minute hypnosis session via pre-recorded MP3. You can tell me after purchasing what your problem is, and I will record a relaxing soundtrack with my voice.

Gig Extra #2: Add Binaural/Isochronic beats
I will add a binaural/isochronic soundtrack in addition to the hypnosis session. This will temporarily alter your brainwaves to aid in deep, true relaxation and trance. The effectiveness of the session will be increased dramatically.

If you would like a sample of my voice, you can request via message.

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