I will read your life blueprint

read your life blueprint

About This Gig

We think of newspaper horoscopes when we think of Astrology. Those generic, one-size-fits-all tabloids telling us to "avoid commitments today" or that we'll be "pleasantly surprised by a promotion."

Comparing horoscopes with authentic Astrology is the same as comparing a child playing doctor to a surgeon in the ER. With Astrology you can predict, evaluate, reveal knowledge about yourself or those around you with startling accuracy.

I will hand-write and customize the blueprint of your life, also known as your Natal Chart, to reveal with precision insight 3 areas of your life.

You can choose from:
Career & Finances
Health & Illness
Spirituality & Faith
Inheritance & Shared Finances
Enemies, both known & "hidden"

You will receive a 3 page, hand-written PDF, uniquely linked to your individual blueprint. This is NOT a computer generated report. I will take my time to personally read, evaluate, and write your natal report. You will not find a better deal elsewhere, as other Astrologers of my expertise charge upwards of $50 an hour!

Do not delay, as I may raise this price at any moment. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality of my readings!

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