I will answer a question about the Beatles for $5

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answer a question about the Beatles
answer a question about the Beatles

About This Gig

Okay I'm not Mark Lewisohn (who is?) but I know more than is healthy about the Beatles. I don't just know stuff you can Google, I've accumulated 25 years of reading and researching them and know things you can't find on Wikipedia.  Actually, I wrote some of the Beatles content on Wikipedia.  But I digress.  If you want my opinion or you want to know something that can be researched I'll deliver the answer as a  3 minute video or MP3, or as a 500 word essay.  Perhaps you want to know why they broke up, maybe you're curious about who wrote what songs. 
Or maybe you have an altogether more off the wall question.  Try me. (And check out beatlesix dot blogspot dot co dot uk).