I will do you a must buy review of your 5000 word short story

do you a must buy review of your 5000 word short story

About This Gig

Congratulations, your persistence has has taken you to the right place for a constructive critique that spots the flaws in your masterpiece and suggests ways to take your story forward.

As a writer myself I've been placed 1st in the Hour of Writes competition and third in the prestigious Magic Oxygen international short story prize.  I also blog at half empty writing, giving free advice on how to get ahead in writing.

I'll do you an inline critique with summary at end, 500 words or more in total, in 14 days.
That's a fantastic deal.  I buy a lot of Fiverr crits myself and would rate mine as being one of the must buys, good though the best critters are. And for the money you're paying you'd be lucky to a get a professional to even read your work, let alone write 500 words of smart analysis.  What are you waiting for? 

I've eclectic tastes and will be happy to crit just about anything, except poetry. 

You should also consider my touch up and re-writing services.