I will send Contact Details of Investors for $5

/ 1 Days On Average
send Contact Details of Investors
send Contact Details of Investors
send Contact Details of Investors
send Contact Details of Investors

About This Gig


Do you have a great business idea but don't have the funding to start it? 

I have direct contact details of the most well known VENTURE CAPITALISTS from around the world.

I will provide you with a database containing the Names, Titles, Direct Email addresses, Phone Numbers, and Company Details of Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Partners. 

Our database is exclusively available to entrepreneurs who are searching for capital partners to fund and mentor their Startups. 

Initial GIG of $5 - I will send 10 investor contact details.

Please check the extra GIGs for more contacts.

Make sure you have a Startup Pitch, Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Financial Documents ready when you contact these investors. I can provide you with all these documents if required. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are these investors?
    The investors I will provide are well known venture capitalists from all around the world. They have invested in fortune 100 companies.
  • What information will I get?
    I will provide you with a excel sheet with the investors full name, email address, contact number and company name.
  • Will these investors invest in our startup?
    There is a possibility that they might be interested in your business. I would advise you to have a business and marketing plan, business strategy and financial worksheets ready before contacting them. You should also have a good sales pitch ready to get there attention.
  • How many investor details will I get?
    In the initial gig of $5 I will provide you with 10 contact details. That will be enough for you to get the ball rolling. If you require more you can purchase the extra gigs.
  • What if they are not interested in my business?
    It is difficult to get the attention of venture capitalists. However, don't be disheartened as I can provide over 100 investor details. You can work on your investor pitch and plans again and send the new investors the details.