I will create characters and fashion clothing renders

create characters and fashion clothing renders
create characters and fashion clothing renders
create characters and fashion clothing renders

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Description Basic 3D Character render Awesome 3D Character render EPIC CHARACTER RENDER!
  I'll create clothing and a basic character to your specifications. High detailed clothing, high detailed character model, all to your specs. High detailed clothing, characters, and epic lighting and scene for your character.
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About This Gig

Creating characters is a passion of mine and I love to make other people's persona's and original characters come to life right before their eyes. One thing that I want to express is I will provide as accurate-to-style as I can get, meaning if someone wants a character to be stylized like their favorite game or movie style, or even a comic style, then I'll be more than happy to create these for you. I have been creating 3D models for quite some time now and would like to challenge myself with the fiverr community.

For this gig I will create a character to your specifications, starting at $5. If you want a character for a game or a character for a showcase, either way you want it, anyway I got it. $5. Want a character with high realistic cloth simulation blowing in the wind? perhaps you want a creature right out of your favorite game or comic. I'll create your moonsters, your heroes, your fetish, your dream girl, your studly man, your fursona, just for $5.

  • Modeling
  • Retopology
  • Rigging
  • Texturing
  • Animating
  • Game and high detail renders
  • whatever format you wish!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What programs do you use?
    I have access to a large variety of programs that I've used over the years. I stick to Blender 3D as its what I'm fastest with but I also use Maya, 3DS Max, Marvelous Designer, zBrush, Unity, Unreal and Houdini.
  • How much experience do you have?
    I've been self taught for roughly 5 years before going to Full Sail University. For a while I've been doing commissions for various game and animation projects.