I will answering the law questions professionally lawyer

answering the law questions professionally lawyer

About This Gig

I have law knowledge and also good writer on legal site.
I have a plenty of  knowledge of law specially in the law of business and working on the English jurisprudence related to other social sciences,family matters,criminal matters,civil matters,business laws.
Especially where we need laws in business fields.
law is a very wide field but professionally i m being practice on business law.we have some different elements as under.
  • In business field,
  • what is contract and agreement ?
  • what is partnership.
  • vied contract.
  • vied agreement.
  • enforceable by law or not.
  • what are the jurist views.
  • legal contracts etc.
  • In family matters what are the problems that we are facing in our daily family life.and what are the solutions.
  • why people committing crimes.and what are the reasons behind this especially teenagers are involvement.
  • law of the land and also talks about the natural justice.
  • having discussion on English jurisprudence and relation on other social sciences.etc.

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