I will help you to build your business plan

help you to build your business plan

About This Gig

Every business has finances, and managing finances effectively can be a tough task. 

A sound financial system involves well planned budgets, forecasts, and cash flows. All of this can be efficiently managed through comprehensive financial models and templates. 

We often come across a wealth of data, which can be converted to meaningful information, by performing analysis. 

Reach out to me to help you build financial models suited to your business, or if you have a lot of data, and you want meaningful information from this. I can help you, building easy to fill templates, analysing your information, and presenting it in an easy to understand manner, and basically make life easier for you! 

Hire me, if you would like to work with a professional accountant with 16 years’ experience in diversified companies, and corporates, handling various roles in business finance, planning and analysis. 

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