I will create a C Sharp and SQL Server Program

About This Gig

Welcome friend!
   I graduated from USA ( University of South Asia) with Bachelor's degree (4 year) in a computer science and software development. For now I have over than 4 years work experience and have developed a wide range of applications using different skill sets. Operating systems I work with:
1. Linux
2. Windows
3. Android

OS Programming languages that I use:

1. C/C++
2. C#
3. SQL Server 
4. MS Access

 Version control systems:

1. git
2. TFS
Tools for support good quality:

1. Visual Stdio 2008,2012,2013 and 2015
2. SQL Server and Management System(2008 and 2012) 
Some buzzwords for other skills: MS Visual Studio, PyCharm, Eclipse, Android studio, HTML, C, C++, Java, Black box and white box testing, etc.

 I think I am able to carry out your task in the best possible way and in good time ;)

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2 days delivery 2 Revisions