I will write a Quality Web Content or About Us for your Website

write a Quality Web Content or About Us for your Website

About This Gig

Things that I keep in mind while writing for you.

1. What problem will this article or content solve?
  • Why would customer read your content?
  • What change will you bring in customer’s life after he reads the content?
  • And most important: What loss will reader have if he doesn’t read your content?Who will read this content?

2. Who will read this content?

  • Gender 
  • Age?
  • Location?
  • Designation?
  • Years of experience?
  • Skill set?
  • Industry?
  • Tech Savvy or Non-tech savvy? etc

3. Who else have written about the same topic? And how is your content BETTER than others?

4. Who gives a F**k?

Will a customer read first paragraph after seeing the topic?

Will a customer read second paragraph after reading the first one?

My aim is to make sure that customer reads the complete article.

and takes an action.

Format that I follow for Quality Content:

1. Introduction to the problem;

2. Define solution, Benefits, Details

3. Case Study/ example ( Extra Gigs)

4. Conclusion and Call to Action

Golden Rules
1. No Bullsh#t
Avoid beautification using the words like
best, quality, cheap, very
No selling, no selling, no selling
No selling at all in the article. Even if you are writing a sales pitch- there should be NO SELLING in the article.

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