I will write a hypnotic cold mail that gets attention

write a hypnotic cold mail that gets attention
write a hypnotic cold mail that gets attention

About This Gig

First came cold calls, second came cold e-mails. Cold e-mailing is the most effective and untapped form of networking.

There are extraordinary people to meet, jobs to get, and advice to receive- it all can be a product of cold e-mails if you work up the nerve to send them. And really that’s all cold e-mailing takes- a lot of nerve.

But then, not every copywriter knows how to craft a hypnotic cold call mail that captures the interest of your prospects. Usually, a cold call mail is targeted towards the big players;top executives who you barely know or have not met before but want to sell something valuable to them. Go ahead and cold mail them! 

I recognize this may be a steep hill battle when attempting to craft one for yourself. This is why you need me; to help you take the mystery out of cold calling by email. 

An effective cold call email is usually succinct and a maximum of 150 words will do the job. 

Kindly message me to discuss your value proposition and identify your unique selling points before I begin to stitch the hypnotic words together.

PS: For $5 you will only get a hypnotic subject line.

PPS: For $35, you will receive an effective cold call mail

Order Details

Hypnotic cold call email

An effective cold call email to get your prospects attention and land a meeting with them.

  • Up to 150 Words
  • 1 Headline Included
3 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a cold call email?
    A form of email marketing to get prospects to call and schedule a meeting.
  • Why should I contact you?
    Engage in a discussion with you to identify the high points of your proposition to craft an effective cold mail.
  • Do you write other marketing materials like sales letter, brochure content, sponsorship letter and business proposals?
    Yes I do. please contact me.