I will record a usability test on your website or app

record a usability test on your website or app

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Update: There'll be no recording of my head on the lower right, due to personal reasons. Thank you.

If you have made a site or web app, it is always imperative to get someone or a team of some people to test the site.

Just to see if it is usable, hence the term usability testing. For the amount, I will record myself browsing it. I would report on the usage of colour / color and placements of certain items on the site. Also noting the difficulty of achieving tasks.

The sites can be still "unreleased" and I am OK signing NDA as by paying for this job, you have agreed not to release my recording anywhere public.

I have a setup, Mac / Windows 8, with the following web browsers: -
Google Chrome (who doesn't love it).Mozilla Firefox (FTW!).Internet Explorer (hmm...).

For mobile apps, it is most preferred to have them as mobile Web apps. Because my device may not have enough space.
I shall be utilizing an Android device (Jelly Bean).
I do have an iPad running iOS 5.5 so it is a little old.

I also have a webcam to record myself in a PIP view so perhaps some facial expressions can be captured.

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