I will internet or market research in Bulgaria for you

internet or market research in Bulgaria for you

About This Gig

I will do online research  on anything you'd like to know more about in Bulgaria.

Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on research in such rare language like Bulgarian when you can hire me?

If you don't know Bulgarian, I am here for you.

My name is Nikola and I am native Bulgarian online researcher and writer.

I can find the following information for you:

Company contact details i.e. name, URL, mailing address, phone, general or contact person e m ail (limited number for the basic gig)

- Market research

- Product list

- Keywords research in Bulgarian

-  competition analysis

-  Surveys

- Statistical data

- Industry, Product lists and eCommerce research

 - Analysis, comparison, report or statistical data find (from the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute)

- Bulgarian real estates or property data look-up
- Legal Bulgarian matter or medical search

- Niche related content i.e. blogs, articles from the Bulgarian media 

If you have any questions please contact me before you order.

I generally respond within the day.

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