I will ask my kid to draw you a picture

Thank you.
Reviewed by stvweb 11 months ago
Looks delicious and special thanks to the chef/artist!
Reviewed by ebgold about 1 year ago
Natalia is an excellent artist and humanitarian! I can honestly say her work is better than most I have seen in modern art galleries.
Reviewed by sunshine1113fi about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by etmom17 about 1 year ago
ask my kid to draw you a picture

About This Gig

My daughter wants to donate her own money to a gofundme, but she doesn't have any money.  She is advertising her awesome drawing services for $5 a pop. ***UPDATE! she gave over $40 to the gofundme!  the campaign ended and now she is saving any other money she makes to go to brunch. she really likes brunch. :) ****

Feel free to request any type of drawing and it will be emailed to you as soon as she can do it.  She's really excited too.  

Order Details

Natalia Draws Stuff

My kid wants to donate her own money to charity but she has none, so buy her super awesome art.

  • Color
  • Full Body
  • 3 Figures
  • Background/Scene
2 days delivery