I will do server side optimization

do server side optimization

About This Gig

Server optimization

System performance matters in today’s nano attention span market where someone else’s website is only a quick click away. Your servers are the backbone of your Internet business. When your customers tell them to jump, you want your servers to already know how high.

Server’s performance is largely dependent on its configuration, server settings, and of course on the software installed there. Situations arise where the server can’t handle the load generated by user demands

Why this GIG?
- Gather and inspect  anything on  server that could slow down  performance
-Identify and fix top performance bottlenecks
-Slow database queries, MYSQL issues etc... 
-Improve Server Response Time
-Monitor and alert any performance regressions

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7 days delivery 2 Revisions

Server Optimization

Fix anything on your server that could slow down website load times