I will provide GCSE and A Level psychology tuition

provide GCSE and A Level psychology tuition

About This Gig

Are you studying GCSE or A Level Psychology? Need some extra tuition on the side?

I will coach you through your studies, explain difficult psychology theories, critically discuss with you psychology experiments and test your knowledge and progress.

For extra I will also proofread psychology essays and advise on any revisions I think you should make.

I did a 4 year undergraduate Masters degree in psychology where I specialised in clinical. However I completed modules in every area of psychology. I am a Graduate Member of The British Psychological Society (I have the letters MBPsS after my name).

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision

Psychology tuition

I will tutor you in GCSE or A Level Psychology as a supplement to your main lessons at college

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you write an essay for me?
    No. For extra I will proofread and advise on your essays. However the writing is down to you. Having someone else write your essay is cheating.
  • What topics of psychology can you tutor me in?
    Every area of psychology; cognitive, biological, social, developmental, clinical, neurological, health, comparative...
  • Where did you study your degree?
    At the University of Plymouth in Plymouth, UK. I was a student from 2010-2014.
  • Do you offer Skype sessions?
    Of course, my method of delivery will be agreed with each client on an individual basis. I am happy to tutor via Skype, live chat, email.