I will make you our Daily Zombie Sponsor on PizzaGamesandZombies

Awesome, we shall be working together in the future......brainnnnns. Dashboard Media Chicago
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Great posting! Very timely and would definitely recommend!
Reviewed by billymastin 8 months ago
GREAT GUY! Look forward to doing more creepy business with him in the future!
Reviewed by walkingfeather over 1 year ago
Great job in promoting Mardi Gras Zombies by Bart Gnarly Thanks!
Reviewed by brianm2211 over 1 year ago
Fun and very unique gig. Very happy with the service. Above and beyond. BRAAAAAAINS! Plus some really nice metrics form the site.
Reviewed by mrmatt over 1 year ago
Great write up
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Reviewed by andrewbg almost 2 years ago
Awesome gig!
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Very fast to respond, gave more than advertised!!
Reviewed by sackamarbles almost 3 years ago
Thank You very cool ps work example is not displaying properly Petra
Reviewed by petra7bat about 3 years ago
Thanks exactly as described!
Reviewed by thenewbie over 3 years ago
Great to work with!
Reviewed by brobichaud over 3 years ago
Awesome, Thank!
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Thanks Guys. Great work. I love your site!
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Awesome seller
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Thanks I need luck, LOL. Brainnns!
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Fantastic service!
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make you our Daily Zombie Sponsor on PizzaGamesandZombies
make you our Daily Zombie Sponsor on PizzaGamesandZombies
make you our Daily Zombie Sponsor on PizzaGamesandZombies
make you our Daily Zombie Sponsor on PizzaGamesandZombies

About This Gig

Our website and blog gets hundreds of views daily and as a part of the tumblr community those blog posts often get reposted to dozens of other blogs.

We're adding several blog posts and every day we add a cool, sexy, or fun picture of a zombie Sponsored by YOU!

We'll include your Link and a Banner ad (upto 468 x 60) AND if you've got a zombie picture you want to specifically use, let use know! Great for Cosplay, photo, horror & Geek sites!

Gig Extras:

Unboxing Video - CONTACT BEFORE PURCHASE for $50 we will do an unboxing video, cut it and upload it to our youtube channel (with 15000 subscribers & 9.2 million views) as well as our tumblr, and promote it.