I will convert any file type cheap

convert any file type cheap

About This Gig

i can convert file types into another file type so that i can be used for different purposes. I have good knowledge of computers and have had past experience with converting files as i use to convert music and videos into different formats in order to save space on my old hard drive.

The max number of files i will convert per sale is 25 as too many can take a long time to do. This does not mean that you can do less then 25 files but that is the max. It can also be 25 different files that you want converted eg 10 audio, 3 video and 12 text.

example conversions i can do:
mp3 to mp4 
jpg to png 
epub to pdf 

there are many many more. if you send me files that i can not convert i will give you 100% money back within one or two days.

Order Details

2 days delivery

file converter

i will convert files. It does not matter what if its audio,video,text or images. No number limit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take?
    on average it will take 12 hours to 48 hours depending on when im free
  • i have over 25 files to convert?
    contact me and i can do discounts of its a large group of files
  • how can i contact you?
    you can also email me at samsonlinebooks@gmail.com but important emails only!