I will heal your money blocks with the Angels

heal your money blocks with the Angels
heal your money blocks with the Angels

About This Gig

Have you been down on your luck lately?

Do you always seem to live paycheck to paycheck?

Need more money?

I tap into your Chakras with the help of the Angels to release money blockages.

Imagine money flowing to you like a stream of water now.

That is what I help to do to raise your money vibration and attract it to you

In this gig, you can receive one or all of the following benefits:

  • Release blocks to finding or receiving money
  • Notice and act upon more opportunities that will gain you more money, recognition, and fame
  • Eliminate fear or discomfort in speaking up for yourself and asserting your skills and talents to gain more money
  • Go after jobs, a career, gigs, and more
  • Make new acquaintances and expand your network
  • Receive unsolicited money from different sources out of the blue
  • Suddenly get bonuses and free stuff
  • Increase your chances of winning in contests
  • And more!

Let's turn on and turn up your money vibration to attract money to you with the Angels!

Gabrielle has helped individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs since 2006 with intuitive guidance, energy healing and online marketing.