I will hug my dog because i love my dog

hug my dog because i love my dog
hug my dog because i love my dog

About This Gig

  • I Will hug my dog give him an xtra treat and throw footballs to him let him be in my bed (dont tell my parents) i love my dog his name is Nigo he is a german ShephardWill give him food and other But only some times if he allerady Got food he Wong get more because its not healty for a dog to get fat and your money Will go to my dog so he Can get new Toys and treat (and he Might get a new friend he Can play with ) i Think my dog needs more toys. My dogs name is Nigo and he is 4 years old and love People and smiles all the time he is a good boy he has never bit or hurt anyone i love him. My dog loves food and treat just Like other dogs. One time there was burgelars in our neighbors House and he ran aften Them But he know that he cant bite Them only scare Them While my other dog named Zika ran after Them and they where scare more When they Saw her But now zika is dead zika did not Like fireworks she peed all the Day in newyears. My dog loves Meat and hate salat hi most loved food is lasagne and bacon and chicken.if you have any questions just ask me This is my first gig ever som please help meeeeee i also have a cat my dog and cat loves each other they do fight sometimes for fun 

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My dogs name is Nigo

I Will give my dog a hug and a treat

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You Can ask me to do anything to my dog AS long it is not violent or inapropiate
    No violence