I will help you avoid a bad marriage

help you avoid a bad marriage

About This Gig

Over  60%  of the marriages break in the Western world.
70% of  the divorces are initiated  by women after  they are 30,  before  3o years of age, it is 90%.
Often the men do not have the social contacts, to support him during and after the divorce process.
98% of the allowances paid, go from men to women.
Women use about  21000 words per  day and men about  7000 to 8000 words per day. 
33% of all the women from the East accuse their husbands  for pedophelia during the divorce process, in the Scandinavian countries.
70% of the American women would never go out with a man without a job.
I will help you to save, time, money and dignity. 
I will consult on Skype you to take the right decision.
How to protect your money, and in the long run your love !

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