I will send you my ebook Old Europe shame on you

send you my ebook Old Europe shame on you

About This Gig

Dear Reader!

I wrote this book in order to draw attention to those who are personally liable for the catastrophe that will occur in Europe within 5-10 years.

In accordance with this aim, I listed some 900 European politicians on the website www.oew6.com/oldeuropeshameonyou . These European politicians bear responsibility for the downfall of Western culture.

In general politicians have a limited term, often four years. As the expiration of their term approaches, they concentrate on the next one, leaving no time for them to think long-term. The democratic system is unable to cope with long-term problems.

You, dear European politicians, bear responsibility for:

·       The end of the free press!

·       Demolition of democracy!

·       Repression of minority groups and harassment of homosexuals, the handicapped and small religious groups!

·       Possible civil war!

We are writing this book because politicians offer no hope!

Therefore there appears to be urgent need to reform Western democracies and to do it now! Not tomorrow!

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